Monday, February 7, 2011


The tiny soldiers are charging into battle
Disobeying orders once again;
Never listening to their commander
and running to their death again.
They run down the trail
Across the salt stained lips
and down onto the battlefield below.
The one where the battle ends
Where they're done charging
When all they can do is stay there and watch.
Watch the battle roll on.
Stop the charging
Stop fighting
Stay back
and stay clean.
No more messes
No more heartache.
Won't these little soldiers ever follow,
Can't they ever listen?
They charge through like animals
like savages trying to escape.
Pick up all the bodies;
Lying still and wet on the battlefield
Pick them up and strategize
Conquer up a new plan
A new method to approach things
One that has less causalities
Wipe away the soldiers;
all the ones running to their death
one's running to the land's own destruction
The more soldiers that keep on marching
The harder it gets to win
The harder it becomes to hold them back
The harder it gets to save the others
Once one soldier runs;
the rest follow right behind
The soldiers are running
from the all seeing lands
Past the mountain
over salt stained hills
off the cliff
and onto the battlefield below.

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